Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six Word Memoirs. #1

This picture is of expired movie tickets
because  my very first date with my boyfriend was at the movies, which is typical, everyone goes to the movies on their first date.
The image and the words fit together because it is exactly what happened. This is a picture of invalid movie tickets.
The filter that was used on this image is called 'Chrome' 
The reason I used pink coloured text was to represent love and make the text stand out more rather than using black or white on darker background. 
I used an emoticon of a heart to tie it in with the title 'Love'. 
The punctuation in this six word memoir is simple, I finished the sentence with a period because I don't think it is exciting enough for an exclamation point, and it's not a question, this was a statement that had to be finished with a period.

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