Monday, March 3, 2014

Reading Assignment #4

1. I'm never trying to make friends again. #lessonlearned 
2. Some of the outfits that I'm put into are just so strange. 
3.#iwish that Whitney would actually try and take better care of herself. 
4. Remember that time when Kirsten stood up for me when the new girl was being rude towards me? #TBT
5. This family is so messed up. #sorrynotsorry
6. If go back to sixth grade perfect description of Sophie would be a #frenemie 
7. I wonder what this family would be like of none of is modeled. #latenightthoughts 
8. So exhausted. 
9. My sisters are so sassy. #calmdown
10. New music!
11. Breakfast food is my favorite food. 
12. It's so strange being recognized. 
13. What are Vegan Shoes? #whateven
14. I love cheese pizza 
15. Ew techno music. #notevenmusic

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