Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six Word Memoir #2

This is a picture of my twitter feed. As you can see my tweets are simple, nothing too exciting. But there is this one girl that likes to make same tweets as me and talk about same things. Let's say I will make a tweet about me going away on a tropical vacation, approximately two hours later of you go onto her twitter feed you will see that she has tweeted something about wanting to go on a vacation to a tropical place. 
My six words for this picture are very literate because there is someone out there that does it on a regular apparently. 
I used this for the option 'hate' because this girl isn't my favourite person out there.  Every time I confront her about not bein original and copying my actions she denies it and it makes me kind of angry towards her. 
I used bold red writing for this text because I wanted it to stand out. The picture had lots of writing going on in the first place therefore using a bolder font with a brighter colour would not be missed. 
I finished my sentence with three dots to show my annoyance and make a statement that it shouldn't be read in a monotone voice, when I read something with three dots it just trails off and it kind of makes you think about what you read a little more. 

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