Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eves dropping.

1. Eves dropping is easy, you just sit beside someone and pretend not to listen but you're actually paying attention like there's no tomorrow. 
For my eves dropping, I went into the cafeteria and sat behind a group of people. The conversation was all over the place and between everyone at the table, some payed attention, others were just on their phones and could care less about what was going on around them. 
It felt really strange to sit and record the convo, it only felt weird because the conversations were pointless and empty words thrown at anyone. 

2.After eves dropping it made me think, if these conversations are about nothing it made me think, what if someone eves drop on my conversations with friends, what do they think, does the conversation flow smoothly, does it jump all over the place, does it have a nice base, is everyone participating. 
Because what I was listening to, had none of that. 

3. This can be applied to my writing by thinking about the base of a story, or whatever I am writing. To make a story, or tell sometime these bad to be a solid point to it. 

4.personalities and characteristics of a person are shown though conversations by their body language, and how interested they seem in a convo even if they're doing minimal talking.

5. When more than two people participate in a conversation, I think that no one even finishes where they were going with their story because someone will interrupt and move on to a new subject. As we'll as when there is more than 2 people in a conversation not everyone tends to participate. 

6. I didn't really learn anything because I knew that some people don't pay attention to conversations, and others say whatever they have on heir mind.  I wasn't surprised by anything. 

7. Difference between spoken and written conversations is that when it's written you can take it anyway you want, you don't hear the tone or voice that it was written in or know how it's supposed to sound, when you're in a real life conversation that is happening right I front of you, you know how you should take it in because you hear the tone and language. 
Similarities are that you can choose your words and express yourself in a way that only you're capable of, because you are your own person. 

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